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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota: Helping Hope Blooms Through Volunteering & Funding

February 28, 2021 | Written by

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is dedicated to helping people improve their health and well-being through affordable healthcare solutions. At the heart of their organization is making a difference in the lives of others. They do this through serving their community and their funding from their Caring Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization that supports organizations through grants and initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles for North Dakota residents.

BCBSND employees regularly invest in our local community through volunteering at Hope Blooms. Volunteers assemble handmade bouquets for community members in need. Additionally, the Caring Foundation has supported Hope Blooms through grant funding.

Read more about how BCBSND has enhanced and elevated our mission in a Q&A with Amber Blomberg, Community Partnerships and Caring Foundation Manager with the Caring Foundation.

Why do you volunteer with Hope Blooms? What do you gain/benefit from helping?

Hope Blooms’ mission is to inspire hope, happiness and emotional healing through repurposed flowers. Not only does their mission impact individuals in need in the community who receive their bouquets, but it also makes such a positive impact on our BCBSND volunteers who help assemble and deliver the bouquets. It’s such a great cause, a rewarding experience and brightens up everyone’s day who is involved.

The concept of using flowers that may otherwise go to waste to repurpose and turn it into something that spreads joy is so heartwarming. These small acts of kindness change our lives as volunteers knowing we are providing a beautiful source of hope and comfort to others.

What is BCBSND doing with Hope Blooms to help their mission? How do you help them as a team?

BCBSND always looks forward to volunteering with Hope Blooms where we assembled bouquets and make deliveries to people in the community to spread a ray of sunshine.

The joy in putting together bouquets at their shop is always a great experience. The atmosphere is electric, and you can’t walk out of the building without a huge smile on your face.

Being a part of the delivery process and being able to see the faces of community members that receive the bouquets is so touching as well.

Why is Hope Blooms important to your company and our community?

BCBSND is proud to support Hope Blooms and their mission. We gladly donate financially to their organization as well as provide many, many hours of employee volunteer time annually. Our mission is to improve the care and health of those we serve which aligns perfectly with what Hope Blooms is trying to accomplish. There are so many elements to well-being and it’s not just a reflection of your latest lab results or the number you see on the scale. It’s also about being connected through positive relationships with others, being emotionally happy, being aware of your environment and community needs, engaging in activities that reduce stress and so much more!

Hope Blooms is so important to the community to be able to offer a small bouquet that can turn anyone’s day around. They have the people in the community in mind when putting everything together. From washing jars to putting bouquets together to delivery. They are on a mission to make the community members feel important and loved by one small gesture.

How do you make time as a company for helping and giving back through Hope Blooms?

BCBSND is proud to build upon its history of supporting communities and enhancing corporate citizenship efforts. Investing time and energy in organizations, like Hope Blooms, helps improve overall health and well-being which is very important to us and we encourage our employees to take part. All our employees receive up to 16 hours of paid-volunteer time annually to lend their time and talents to the community; instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment and helping non-profit organizations fulfill their mission.

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