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3 Ways to Infuse Joy Into Your Day

July 29, 2022 | Written by

A common phrase used at Hope Blooms is “spread soy.” Often, we say this in a sense to spread joy to others and to brighten their day. Nonetheless, the same joy should be shared with yourself and infused into your everyday life.

Many times, as individuals we focus on others, putting our own happiness and joy aside. We also have the saying at Hope Blooms, “You Matter,” and we mean that today, tomorrow and always. With that, your happiness and joy always matter and there are many simple ways to spark both throughout your day!

Here are three ways to infuse joy into your day:

1. Smile

Putting a smile on your face can make all the difference in the way you see the world around you. When you bring positive energy into your environment, it inevitably spreads joy. Scientifically, smiling releases neuropeptides, which are small molecules that combat stress. This effect can also help lower your heart rate! Some studies even suggest that smiling, even if it is fake, can boost your overall mood and level of happiness. Not to mention, smiles are infectious, and if you share one it is likely someone will also share a smile on their face. Bottom line, if you are spreading joy to others, you are also going to feel the same joy!

2. Enjoy the little things

It is easy to get caught up with all the negative or stressful aspects of our lives. Be sure to take some time in your day to count your blessings and appreciate all the little things we often take for granted.

Spark some joy in your day by having a dance party to your favorite songs or getting outside for a walk to enjoy nature. Take the time to thank those who positively impact your day or life and allow yourself some “me time” to take note of what you are grateful for. One of the best ways to infuse joy is to reflect on what already does that in your everyday life.

3. Live passionately!

Every day is an opportunity to wake up and do something you love. Allow yourself to put passion into everything you do and happiness, joy, and love will easily fall into place after that. Passion and joy can be found in work, school, relationships or personal goals. It is important to remember that though you may not be passionate about what you may currently be doing, it does not mean that you are not working towards following your passion. Know that not everything will bring you joy, so focus on what does and give your energy to that! You will see the result of effortless joy when you love doing what you do! 

Joy can come to you in many forms and in many places. Infuse it into your day with simple methods and infuse it into your life by spreading and receiving joy from others. Take time to smile, appreciate the simple joys of life and put passion into all that you do. Our individual happiness and joy can be an inspiration for others, so be sure to share it endlessly!

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