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Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Volk

May 16, 2023 | Written by

Meet Sue Volk, Hope Blooms volunteer joymaker

Sue is an incredible Hope Blooms volunteer! She generously shares her time and talents with Hope Blooms every week, helping with any pressing needs of the day, picking up floral donations from our floral partners, processing flowers, doing chores around the shop, hand delivering bouquets to recipients and so much more. Sue is a true gift to our mission, and we’re so grateful for her kindness that allows us to continue spreading joy!

Sue and her sister Kim attended the April 2023 handmade by Hope Blooms cooking decorating class.

Sue shares her passion for Hope Blooms with family and friends, and together, they often attend our monthly Handmade by Hope Blooms classes.

“Sue has really blossomed into retirement,” said Katie Gehring, Hope Blooms operations & development manager. “I’m always blown away by her willingness to help with anything that comes up. She has a true heart for helping!”

How long have you been volunteering with Hope Blooms?
I’ve been a volunteer since August 2022.

What value do you see Hope Blooms bringing to our community?
Hope Blooms brings a sense of belonging to the people who receive the bouquets. It’s a reminder to them that they matter and that they are remembered. Plus, you can see such a sense of joy in the person’s eyes when you are delivering a bouquet. Everyone needs joy!

What do you love most about Hope Blooms?
The fun people! There’s never a dull moment.

How do you spend your time with Hope Blooms?
Picking up and delivering flowers. Processing flower donations in the shop.

What’s your favorite flower?
I love them all!

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