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Hornbacher’s Helps Hope Blooms Grow, Thrive

March 29, 2022 | Written by

Hornbacher’s grocery has been a staple of the FM area since its founding in 1951. Their eight stores planted throughout Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead offer the community a fresh and healthy shopping experience with local roots and a dedication to serve. And, at their stores, the only thing warmer than their staff’s friendly smiles is the steam rolling out of their bakery ovens.

Hornbacher’s began partnering with Hope Blooms in spring of 2020 to provide weekly donations of flowers they can no longer sell from seven of their stores. The floral donations directly and significantly impact our day-to-day work and ability to uplift those who may feel disenfranchised, lonely or forgotten in our community. Their continued generosity has allowed us to create thousands more bedside bouquets for community members in need, as evident by our delivery numbers year over year (2019: 5,260 compared to 2021: 19,067). 

Hornbacher's logoIt’s just one of many ways in which Hornbacher’s is being a good neighbor and helping create healthy and thriving communities.

We spoke with Matthew Leiseth, president of Hornbacher’s, about the organization’s commitment to supporting Hope Blooms.

How many years have you worked with Hornbacher’s?
30 years

What, in the eyes of the Hornbacher’s, is special about the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo and surrounding area?
It’s great to live and work in a community that cares about its neighbors.

How does Hope Blooms’ mission align with Hornbacher’s values?
Hornbacher’s is committed to supporting those who are in need in our community, and Hope Blooms directly invests in the local community by spreading joy and hope to vulnerable individuals. Our values of helping create healthy and thriving communities align with the efforts of Hope Blooms to do the same through fostering unexpected acts of kindness throughout our communities.

From your interactions or experience with Hope Blooms, what do you see as its impact on the community?
Lifting up others when they are struggling helps give them hope. It’s a special connection with the people in our community.

Why is supporting Hope Blooms important to your company and our community?
Reaching out to others who are struggling is important so they know others really do care.

Why does Hornbacher’s believe in supporting causes like Hope Blooms?
As members of our community, we all have a responsibility to support and uplift each other.

Lastly, what’s your favorite flower?
My wife’s favorite, therefore, it’s mine: Stargazer Lily

“We are so grateful for Hornbacher’s commitment and support of the Hope Blooms mission, and more importantly, the kindness their generosity bestows on our communities,” said Kelly Krenzel, Hope Blooms founder. “Their floral donations have positively impacted our ability to serve our community in immeasurable ways.”

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