Karina Zimney

A Heart for Joy: Hope Blooms Volunteer Coordinator Shares Her Passion Behind the Mission

January 7, 2023 | Written by

Meet Karina Zimney, Hope Blooms volunteer coordinator!

Karina is our people champion! She organizes all our volunteer activities and keeps our volunteer joy makers happy and feeling appreciated – all with a huge heart! The minute you meet her, you’ll want to be her friend because she radiates genuine kindness and warmth. 

Karina started with Hope Blooms in August 2021, and since that time, she’s led all aspects of our volunteer efforts – from scheduling events, expressing gratitude and recruiting. 

She lives in Fargo with her husband Mike and their three children. Learn more about Karina and why she’s passionate about our mission. 

Karina and Mike Zimney

Karina and husband (Mike) Zimney

How did you first hear about Hope Blooms?

I first heard about Hope Blooms through social media, and then I found out that my husband used to work with Kelly Krenzel (founder). I first was drawn to the mission above all else and was so excited to get involved.

Why are you passionate about working with Hope Blooms?

There have been times in my life when a small act of kindness has had a huge impact on me, and I want to facilitate these small special moments for others. Everyone should feel loved, important and seen, and I knew that I could create that for others through Hope Blooms.

Why is giving back in your community important to you?

It’s important because I’ve been on the receiving end. I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to feel the mission of “you matter” in any capacity. 

In what ways do you see Hope Blooms bringing value to our community?

Every week, I see Hope Blooms create huge moments of joy through small acts. One example that illustrates the importance of the work we do came in the form of a letter. A woman wrote to us that she received a bouquet with her Meals on Wheels on her 98th birthday. The bouquet brought her so much joy and made her feel seen. She even sent $5 to pay the kindness forward. Instances like this demonstrate how impactful small moments of joy are. It’s not just the bouquet that brought her joy; rather, it was the intention and mission behind the bouquet – she felt special and loved. 

Zimney family photo outdoors in black and white

Adorable Zimney family photo 2022 featuring Karina, Mike and children (Sloane, Sam and Will)

What’s your favorite way to spread joy?


I spread joy through sharing my love of cooking! I show my gratitude and love to others by cooking for them. There is something personal and homelike about making someone their favorite food.

How does the mission of Hope Blooms align with your own personal values?

I think that everyone needs to feel seen to connect to their community. With Hope Blooms, that’s exactly what we do, not just send out bouquets, but really connect the community and help everyone feel seen. 

Name one of the most joyful moments in your life.

My most joyful moments came with the births of my three amazing children. A very special excitement brews when awaiting a child, and my family is truly my pride and joy. 

What’s your favorite flower and why?

Zimney family soaking up some sun

Zimney family soaking up some sun

My favorite flower is a zinnia because they’re bright, colorful and last forever. To me, zinnias are a physical embodiment of happiness. That being said, ranunculus are slowly climbing towards the top of my list. 

When you’re not spreading joy with Hope Blooms, how do you spend your time?

My time is well-spent between my husband, kids, friends and my garden. 

Anything else you’d like to share.

I can’t express how much joy the people at Hope Blooms have brought me. The weekly “pick-up crew,” our regular arranging groups,and every volunteer who has walked through the door has impacted my love and dedication to this wonderful organization. We are truly a family and connecting with others fills my cup.

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